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The Paris Partnership saved our business. We would not be here today if it wasn’t for you.

We saved a client £120,000 off their tax bill!

Tax Bill reduced from 40% to 19%

A fledgling partnership nearly became a victim of their own success when their profits soared from £60,000 to nearly £150,000 in one year and ended up paying an expensive 40% tax bill. By helping them to restructure their finances and forming a Limited company, we reduced their tax bill down to only 19% on the excess and enabled them to save money throughout the business.

Business growth from £1.2m to £2m

One of our clients was a successful consultant, working from his laptop with an outsourced bookkeeper and a growing client base. He has reached capacity in terms of his resources, staff, premises and business infrastructure. We reviewed his business model, set up a base for him, took his bookkeeper in-house and adopted the role of Financial Director, trained his staff and implemented systems and an infrastructure that could support his business growth. His business has now grown from £1.2m to £2m with an additional £10m deal on the table.

From debt to profit

We helped one of our clients to manage a financial debt crisis by recovering £500,000 of uncleared cheques from the Inland Revenue, bringing them through the other side of a CVA, restructuring their business and helping them to trade out of their financial problems into profit!

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